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FlushTech was founded in Taoyuan,Taiwan in 1985 by a group of  technologically-innovative and savvy engineers who devote themselves to come up with ways that can improve the bathroom experience.


With more than 25 years of experience in the plumbing industry Flushtech is a leading designer and a manufacturer of automatic faucets and flush valves in Taiwan. Our products can be seen around the world.


Sensor-operated faucets and flush valves make toilets and sinks seem to work like magic. In our vision, a bathroom should function by itself in an environmentally efficient way. Water is conserved and treated as the precious resource it is. We are committed to the green revolution, and are always searching for new ways to manufacture products that respect the environment and Mother Earth's fragile ecosystem.


We believe that we can outsmart bacteria with technology. We encourage the manufacture and use of sophisticated touch free products that discourage the spread of disease.


We take pride and responsibility for being the leading company in the industry. We will continue to create plumbing products of the future. It is our desire to design the products our clients demand, and provide them service that is second to none. That is our commitment!

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